shutterstock_123529732Now that spring is here, are you preparing to add new landscaping or have a new deck or patio installed? If so, take your current (or future) irrigation system into account in order to avoid any mishaps that could cost you. As we mentioned in our previous article, sprinkler heads can become completely covered up as well as lines underground can become severed during any new yardwork. Furthermore, by not taking your irrigation system into account before adding new landscaping or outdoor structures such as a deck or patio, you quite possibly may end up having to rip up parts of your landscaping in order to get irrigation to other parts of your yard.

Should You Allow Your Landscaper to Install Your Irrigation System?

shutterstock_255094762This is a very common question, and one you should take very seriously. While your landscaper will design and install a beautiful landscaping, are they also the best to perform your irrigation system’s installation? Many landscapers offer irrigation as one of their services but most often they will sub out the actual work. In fact, we work with several of West Chicagoland’s top-notch landscapers who utilize our skill set and expertise for that particular critical part of the job. What you should be concerned about are landscapers who attempt to install irrigation systems themselves when it’s not their core service. While it’s tempting to have all your yard’s needs completed all at once, remember your irrigation system is an investment and you should be certain it is installed by experts.

How much does it cost to have us come out and do a pre-landscape visit (PLV)?

shutterstock_47050003Absolutely nothing.

There is no cost to you. We want to work with you to protect your investments now and in the future. We want you to get the most efficient system that will not require any retrofitting, redoing or rebuilding.

Why Should You Choose Conserva Irrigation of West Chicagoland?

Conserva Irrigation of West Chicagoland is here for the long haul. We will ensure your irrigation system is operating at peak performance long after your landscaping has been installed. We are here to make your plants, garden and lawn all flourish without ever under or over-watering them. With our unparallelled technology, your landscape as well as your wallet will see an impact by relying on the professionals.

Contact us to install your new West Chicagoland irrigation system or to schedule your free inspection on your existing system. Call us today at (630) 478-9332, email us at, fill out the form to the upper right, or visit our website for even more information. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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