It seems quite paradoxical to be in the business of providing irrigation systems while simultaneously focusing on water preservation, doesn’t it? Yet, that’s exactly what we do. Our goal is to be environmentally conscientious, conserve water and dramatically cut down on your watering bill all the while providing your yard and landscape with optimal water coverage. Here’s how we do just that:

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In the image above you’re looking at the triumvirate of irrigation system effectiveness. The 3 Toro® irrigation system components are critical components which work with each other in order to ensure your irrigation system delivers the correct amount of water, during the right time and delivered by the correct products.

The Toro EVOLUTION® Controller (far left in the image above) stores 40 years of weather data specific to your exact longitude and latitude. We call this data E.T. data (EvapoTranspiration data). E.T. data is the information pertaining to what evaporates through the air or transpires from plant material. Think of this information as the antithesis of rain, it’s the measure of how much water leaves the earth rather than falls to the earth. It’s the detailed analysis of how much rainfall is evaporated directly after a rainfall.

Our goal is to, of course, replenish your yard after the moisture and water has evaporated but to do it in a smart manner. This brings us to our second component, the Toro® ET Weather Sensor (middle in the image above). This, roughly baseball sized, sensor records up-to-the-minute information as to the weather occurring on your exact property and communicates that data back to the controller.

In concert with 40 years of weather data, the Toro® ET Weather Sensor collects “right now” data. The information collected includes: cloud activity, UV ray intensity, rainfall amount, ambient temperature while taking humidity into account. Essentially, the smart technology employed ensures your system is utilizing the correct amount of water for your lawn due to an analysis of up-to-the-minute weather data. With these two components installed alone, you’re looking at an immediate 40 – 60% reduction in irrigation water utilized.

How Does This Work to Save Water Usage?

The smart override system will work in concert to ensure your lawn doesn’t receive too little or too much water. The Toro Precision™ Soil Sensor has two 6 inch stainless steel probes which are placed within the earth. If the ground within that particular zone does not require watering (as is measured constantly) then the sprinkler heads in that particular zone simply will not go off. Worried about your system watering your yard whilst it’s raining? With Toro’s technology implemented by Conserva Irrigation of West Chicagoland, you’ll never have to worry about that again. All data taken into account will be utilized make certain your yard is never over watered, ensuring the reduction of your irrigation system’s water usage by 40 – 60%, in turn, saving you money.

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