dead grass Chicago ILHow often have you gone outside and checked your sprinkler system? More than likely, unless a sprinkler head’s not firing at all, you probably haven’t really paid it much attention. That’s understandable, as your sprinkler system is supposed to be a “set it and forget it” piece of technology. A lot of sprinkler system installers in our area offer a multitude of options when it comes to your irrigation system controller, down to the sprinkler heads themselves. Conserva Irrigation of West Chicagoland backs up our promises with incredible technology by Toro made and designed exclusively for irrigation systems. We want our customers’ expectations not only to be met, but to be exceeded.

a green lawn is good for the planet (1)Your irrigation system is/was probably a large investment on your behalf. Why would you let it depreciate to the point it’s no longer a fully functioning system? Conserva Irrigation of West Chicagoland can have your system running at peak performance – ensuring your system is using the perfect amount of water. If your sprinkler system is overwatering your lawn, not only are you going to notice by way of your water bill, but your lawn will be adversely affected as well. If you’ve put down fertilizer, overwatering will lead to the fertilizer never actually making it to the root of the grass blades as the ground is too saturated. Then, the next time your system fires up, it will promptly wash away the fertilizer. In addition to this, your lawn will be more susceptible to grubs and other lawn destroying insects.

Toro weather sensor Chicago ILThrough the use of our Toro ET weather sensor and Toro EVOLUTION® controller, your sprinkler system will be a smart one. It will know the current weather, humidity and will communicate with the controller to ensure each zone of your yard receives only the amount of water it should. If you are concerned your system is not performing as it should, simply call the professionals at Conserva Irrigation of West Chicagoland. We can inspect your system 100% free, and let you know which areas are in need of repair and which areas are in need of replacement. We offer flat rate pricing so you’ll never, ever be in for a surprise.

PrintTo see what separates Conserva Irrigation of West Chicagoland from other sprinkler system companies in our area, call us today at (630) 478-9332, email us at, fill out the form to the upper right or visit our website for even more information. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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