dont_do_it_yourselfWhen you first had your home’s irrigation system installed, you more than likely hired a professional irrigation system company to perform the work. Fast forward to now. Spring has arrived and it’s time to have that lawn looking spectacular for the rest of spring and summer. You turn on the irrigation system and notice you’ve got some problems. Perhaps a broken sprinkler head, one is gushing water, and one is spraying only on the concrete instead of the lawn. No matter how tempting it may be, don’t attempt to repair your West Chicagoland irrigation system yourself.

shutterstock_226410163We understand, as a homeowner, you’re going to want to try and fix as many aspects of your home in need of repair as possible yourself. However, we strongly caution you not to attempt this on your home’s irrigation system. Inevitably, you will end up in the aisle of your local big box store asking advice from employees whom are simply not experienced in truly repairing an irrigation system. They will, more often than not, sell you inadequate fixtures they have in-store and send you on your merry way. Roughly a week later, we’ll arrive on scene to a very frustrated homeowner with a bunch of subpar irrigation system parts and supplies.

Professional water conservation MinneapolisNo matter how much you pride yourself on being a “do-it-yourselfer”, repairing your home’s irrigation system is a job you should absolutely leave to the professionals. We’re not stating this to merely gain business, as in, “you don’t know how to do it, so pay us to”. We’re cautioning you to leave this job to the professionals because you may make a mistake which could end up costing you on expensive repairs. These repairs include fixing new issue(s) created by attempting to “do-it-yourself”, in addition to the already faulty areas of your home’s irrigation system.

To make it easier for you to not worry about hassling with a company which will try to gouge you simply because you need an irrigation system repair, we utilize flat rate pricing. We never want any of our customers to worry about overpriced services which keep you from getting your home’s irrigation system up and running efficiently. In addition to our flat rate pricing, we also offer discounts for water efficient systems.

system-efficiency-score-seal-250When we come to check your system, we perform a Free Inspection – a 12 point efficiency evaluation to determine your System Efficiency Score® (SES). If you sign up for one of our seasonal packages you will receive 10% off all of your repairs. Additionally, if your SES score is 75% or greater, we provide an additional 10% off our Flat Rate Pricing. It is true; since we’re transparent, that adds up to a real 20% off your repair bill.

So if you turn on your irrigation system and realize something’s not quite right, just give Conserva Irrigation of West Chicagoland a call. Our inspection of your home’s system is 100% free, so you have nothing to lose! To schedule your complimentary irrigation system check in West Chicagoland, call us today at (630) 478-9332, email us at, fill out our form to the upper right or visit our website for even more information. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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